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Information & Digital Literacy
Information Literacy “is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”1

Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. It is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning. An information literate individual is able to:

  • Determine the extent of information needed
  • Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
  • Evaluate information and its sources critically
  • Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  • Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally

Incorporating information literacy across curricula, in all programs and services, and throughout the administrative life of the university, requires the collaborative efforts of faculty, librarians, and administrators.

For further information, please see:
American Library Association. Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education 2000. (Spanish Version) (PDF Version)

Association of College and Research Libraries. Information Literacy in the Disciplines
Links and citations to information literacy standards and curricula developed by accrediting agencies, professional associations, and institutions of higher education.

California State University. Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Literacy in the CSU.  The Teaching Commons is a meta site providing access to guidelines, assessment, assignments, syllabi, and more related to information literacy.


by Lisa Metzer


1. American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final Report. (Chicago: American Library Association, 1989).